Moroccan Color Palettes: The Spice Your Home Needs

  If you ’ re looking to add a touch of exotic flair to your home , why not consider a Moroccan - inspired color palette ? Rich and vibrant colors are a staple of Moroccan design , and can add a unique and inviting atmosphere to any room . When creating a Moroccan color palette , bright h ues are the way to go . You 'll want to opt for bold colors like sa ff ron yellow , tur qu oise blue , and mag enta . These colors can be used in combination with traditional neut rals like ivory , be ige , and white . To give the colors extra depth , add darker shades of navy , brown , and black . When it comes to furniture , Moroccan - inspired pieces are perfect for setting the tone . Look for pieces that incorporate intricate patterns and textures as well as bright colors . Moroccan - style seating and r ugs are great for adding a stylish and comfortable touc

Our Favorite Carpets for 2023

  When it comes to choosing the right carpet for your home , there are a lot of factors to consider . From the type of carpet to the color and pattern , it ’ s important to know what works best for your space . To help make the decision easier , here ’ s a look at some of the top carp ets for the home . Ber ber carp ets are a popular choice for many homeowners . This type of carpet is made from small , loop ed fibers that are tightly wound together . It ’ s durable and can stand up to high traffic areas . It also hides dirt and stains very well , so it ’ s great for busy households . F rie ze carp ets are another popular choice . This type of carpet is made from twisted fibers that are then cut at different heights to give it a text ured look . It ’ s very durable and resistant to crushing , so it ’ s perfect for high - tra ffic areas . Pl

Modern Moroccan: The New Carpet Trend

  When it comes to decor ating your home , it can be hard to find the perfect piece to tie the room together . That ’ s why more and more people are turning to Moroccan carp ets for their homes . These carp ets are beautiful and unique , and add a touch of exotic elegance to any room . Mor oc can carp ets are made with natural fibers , like wool and cotton , that are soft and durable . They come in a variety of colors , patterns , and sizes , so you can find one that fits your style and space . They can be used as a focal point in a room , or layered with other r ugs to create a more eclectic look . Mor oc can carp ets are also a great way to add texture and color to any room . The intricate patterns and bold colors are sure to draw the eye , and their unique style can add a special touch to any space . They also come in a variety